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Selected Projects

Designers and developers working side by side to deliver a more efficient and complete project!

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We let our work speak for us

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Digital Access is now unico.io

Along with the change of the brand, came the change of the website! We built all interface and page development from scratch and delivered a complete and editable WordPress project.

image of a smiling woman, representing the Unico case layout image developed for the single

An Insany partnership with Primo Rico

We created the design and front-end of Finclass's platform and website. We also worked on the layout of the interface of the website. A project made with agility and quality.

finclass image image layout developed for Finclass

Text corrections that go beyond grammar

Clarice is an artificial intelligence that helps write better. We worked on the redesign of the layout and front-end of the website, blog and payment flow.

Clarice image layout image developed for Clarice

A major project with Grupo Primo

We worked on the design and front-end of the website and platform and created the app interface, joining forces with the Grupo Primo team to launch the Staage Platform.

Thiago Nigro's image layout image developed for Staage

A successful partnership

The Loja Integrada updated the brand and along with this change came the new website. We worked on the website redesign and front-end in this incredible partnership.

image of a smiling man using the computer. website layout developed for the Integrated Store

An app made in record time!

We worked in the app interface from to the Gazin Group. We rethought several fundamental aspects of usability and design-to-design consistent products to meet the customer’s needs.

Gazin mascot image layout image developed for Gazin

“Of all the partners we've worked with, Insany does by far the most design-oriented and critically high-level work...”

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Gus_ Ruchaud

Head de Branding and Product Marketing


“Me, João, in particular, already knew Insany's work in its predominance for its impact on social media...”

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foto João Vitor

João Vitor



“Insany is a supplier that impressed me a lot with its agility and willingness to help.”

Read more about Rafaella's experience
foto Rafaella

Rafaella Peres Melani

Account Based Marketing Analyst


“Insany has been a key partner in our Digital Transformation process...”

Read more about Augusto's experience
Foto Augusto

Augusto Palomo

Digital Transformation Officer

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Our work

We work with your team, from wireframe to encoding, to build the best digital products and services.

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Design and development of web projects

Websites, landing pages, e-commerce, dashboards and others

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Interface design for apps

Hybrid apps focused on your business and target audience

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Websites, apps and systems.

Functional projects that connect your brand to your customers. Driven by challenges, we work to find the best solutions.

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From design to encoding

Focused on designing websites with the best design practices, we use technologies that optimize our processes and further enhance the interface, which is designed exclusively for your company's purpose.

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The interface your app needs

We create hybrid apps focused on a pleasant, soft experience that connects with your brand identity and the benefits your product and/or service offers users.

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How we work 🔥

Understand our process

01. Start
02. Design
03. Encoding
04. Delivery

Tell us everything!

The start is one of the most important steps in the process! Here we exchange some e-mails, hold meetings and at the end we set a briefing with all the necessary information to carry out a project that meets your company's real needs.

Creating a strategic design

We divided this stage into two large parts, being wireframe, where a low-fidelity scratch is made to validate the structure of pages. And the second, the layout, where through the most efficient practices, we build visual solutions designed for kinds of devices.

Precision in every pixel

Through WordPress, React, JavaScript technologies, we bring design to life through the front-end. At Insany we are concerned with delivering the project as planned and approved by our customers, ensuring the best performance for the user and that our customers' goals are achieved.

From Insany to the world!

Our work is not done after the delivery! The market evolves, design and technologies improve and Insany follows this transformation. With that in mind, we are willing to move forward with you and keep your projects always updated. May the force be with us! :)

About us 🚀

A project can be good, it can be great, or it can be Insane!

We are a digital design and technology studio that connects your business to the world! Our job is to make this communication clear, enjoyable and efficient by building websites, applications and systems.

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More than 100 projects in 4 years

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